We take our responsibility for the environment seriously...

That is why we work with some of the leading environmentally focused manufacturers in the market today to offer solutions that are better for both you and the environment.


We also look to work with suppliers who can demonstrate an ethical policy with regards to Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR).Initiatives such as the ‘Tranemo Worldcare’ programme and the ‘ID Ecolabel’ range mean we can supply garments that offer you a longer lifecycle and therefore promote increased sustainability – meaning they are kinder to the environment and our planet. In addition, this means your garments will last longer, look smarter and offer great ‘cost-in-use’ benefits.


A selection of our clothing ranges are also designed to go through industrial laundry processes –meaning the lifespan of a garment can be further enhanced by careful washing, drying and maintenance. 

Quite simply, the most environmentally friendly garment
is the one that is never made!